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Services catering to Infertility

Our Services


IVF Lab Equipements

Care IVF manufactures IVF instruments like Laminar Air Flow, Ovum Aspiration Pump, Positive pressure guard in Stainless Steel for noiseless IVF practices which helps us setting up of an ideal laboratory . Care IVF lab design specialist will work with you to plan your lab’s work flow and help you use your lab space to best place your equipements.


Modular OT – Turnkey Projects

We undertake total turnkey projects for Modular OT’s,IVF Labs,Biosafety Labs,with NABH,NABL accrediation customized as per need. Our Modular Lab/Turnkey projects are one of a kind as we purely follow Clean Room technology to create a world class ambience.


IUI Lab Equipements

Care IVF self-manufactures instruments like Laminar Air Flow for IUI in Stainless Steel for noiseless infrastructure which helps us setting up of an ideal laboratory. At Care IVF we design , build and establish complete world class IUI center/lab. IUI is a Fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization.



 Diagnostics for IVF

  • Maybe Baby
    Ovulation detection through Saliva.
  • Mini CASA
    Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer (i-sperm)

Embryology Training & Recruitment

At Care IVF we impart Training and Lab Management solutions to IVF & IUI Clinicians and Embryologists.We not only establish IVF,IUI labs with Modular OT’s but also help recruit embryologists for IVF/ICSI at  IVF clinics established by us.


QC Equipements

Quality Control Equipements

  • Gas Inline Filter/ Gas Analyzer
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Regulator with Buzzer
  • VOC Meters